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            Manufacturing Strengths


            At pany, expertise in chemical manufacturing and global reach are driving factors in our long-term relationships with customers. Customers want a supplier capable of meeting their global requirements, and we want to deliver timely and cost-effective chemical manufacturing solutions to the world’s fastest-growing markets.  With the manufacturing facilities and capabilities to deliver more than 1 million metric tons in surfactant products and over 400,000 metric tons in polymer products around the world, Stepan is positioned to support customers' needs successfully.

            Core Manufacturing Technologies

            Our global chemical manufacturing capabilities include:

            • Sulfonation, neutralization and blends
            • Esterification
            • Amidation
            • Quaternization
            • Alkoxylation
            • Oxidation

            Global Coverage

            In 2011, Stepan made two strategic acquisitions in both Asia and Central Europe. To help grow our surfactants franchise in Asia, we acquired a 100,000 ton-per-year methyl ester plant in Singapore, expected to become a global chemical manufacturing hub for the Asia-Pacific region. We also purchased a state-of-the-art polyol chemical manufacturing facility in Brzeg Dolny, Poland, with 25,000 metric tons of blending capacity. We have also increased our capacity around the world by optimizing and streamlining our processes. Our neutralization capacity in Brazil, increased ownership (now 100%) in the Philippines and our larger polyol plant in Germany will make Stepan a stronger global provider for a multinational customer base.  In 2013, pleted the acquisition of Bayer MaterialScience's North American Polyester Resins business.  This acquisition provides a significant line extension to our core business and the acquired Columbus, Georgia USA facility provides 20,000 MT of capacity.  The acquired business has been integrated into Stepan's existing Polymer business and complements our three existing innovation research centers and four polyester polyol manufacturing facilities.

            Contact order.placement@ for surfactant, polymer and specialty products information.


            Northfield, Illinois - Corporate Headquarters

            Anaheim, California, USA

            Columbus, Georgia, USA

            Fieldsboro, New Jersey, USA

            Maywood, New Jersey, USA

            Millsdale (Joliet), Illinois, USA

            Winder, Georgia, USA

            Bauan, Batangas, Philippines

            Brzeg Dolny, Poland

            Ecatepec, Mexico

            Jurong Island, Singapore

            Manizales, Colombia

            Matamoros, Mexico

            Nanjing, China幸运十分彩开奖结果网址

            Stalybridge, England, United Kingdom

            Vespasiano, Brazil

            Voreppe (Grenoble), France

            Wesseling (Cologne), Germany

            Operational Excellence

            pany’s Operational Excellence program ensures that all of our ISO 9001:2015 manufacturing facilities are capable of safe, high-quality, mechanically reliable, service-oriented, stable and cost-effective operations. Our focus is platform-based and includes the establishment of global governance with a common structure, common metrics and common reporting for all plants. New operational excellence image

            Operational Excellence is a philosophy of leadership, teamwork and problem solving. By focusing on the needs of the customer, empowering employees and optimizing existing activities in the process, we offer a strong sense of teamwork and greater overall safety and quality in all of our plants across the globe.