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            Stepan Lipid Nutrition manufactures food-approved nutritional oils. Using our core esterification technology, we produce a variety of triglyceride oils under controlled conditions. Included with our main product line, NEOBEE® (Medium Chain Triglycerides), we offer development projects for customized structured lipid requirements. Our food ingredient portfolio supports many global food applications, from beverage formulations to nutritional bars to bakery goods. 

            Stepan Products for Food

            NEOBEE® Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs) originallyNEOBEE logo developed in the 1950s to treat patients with malabsorption, have grown into many food applications offering both functional and nutritional value to food systems. NEOBEE® MCTs are naturally derived healthy fats, readily absorbed, low in calories and non-trans fat. MCTs' unique physical properties enable their utility as a solubilizer for flavors, colors and bio-actives, including beverage clouding and weighting agents. Main applications are in infant formula, flavors, weight management and sports nutrition solutions.

            The nutritional value of MCTs is due to their metabolic efficiency of “fat to energy” conversion in our bodies. Unlike typical long chain fats that travel through the body's lymphatic system, MCTs are transported directly to the liver, where they are preferentially and efficiently burned for energy. Clinically supported studies demonstrate efficient fat metabolism. When compared to conventional fats, MCTs have shown greater energy expenditure by as much as 48% and 65% in lean and obese individuals, respectively. Although they are completely saturated, NEOBEE® MCTs have little effect on cholesterol levels under normal circumstances and provide fewer calories per gram compared to long chain fats. The image below is used to demonstrate the fat to energy conversion.
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             Lipid Diagram 

            is a patent-protected Conjugated Linoleic AcidClarinol image (CLA) that has been sold as a nutrition supplement for more than 10 years as an ingredient to reduce body fat and increase lean body mass. Numerous clinical studies have been driving growth of the markets for Clarinol® CLA. It was approved by the U.S. FDA as GRAS for use in certain food products in 2008. Clarinol® food approvals are currently pending in world markets. 
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            Marinol® naturally concentrated Omega-3 triglycerides Marinol logoare used in clinical and infant nutritional products to promote cardiovascular and neurological health. High in the main health components EPA and DHA, our products are available in oil and powder form to help you create the right product. 
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            WECOBEE® (Triglycerides), originally developed as substitutes for cocoa butter, find utility as components of whipped toppings, confection coatings and pie fillings. They are stable, hard butters derived from edible vegetable oils. Each grade is specifically processed to achieve required melting points with accompanying bland taste and odor qualities, and excellent mold release characteristics. Their higher melting point properties enable their application in cosmetic and pharmaceutical OTC products including suppositories, lip balms and bases for creams and ointments.
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            DREWMULSE® are mono and diglycerides, which serve multiple functions. They are food-approved non-ethoxylated emulsifiers used across the world in food systems, available in liquid and solid forms. The wide range of HLB (hydrophilic / lipophilic balance) values available enable the optimal properties needed to emulsify, homogenize and stabilize food and nutrition systems.
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